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Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part B (2015)

Good Governance: Expectations and Challenges

Good Governance: Expectations and Challenges

Shamshir Singh, Ranjit Kaur
The concept of governance was decisively shaped by the aspirations of founding fathers of the Constitution. The constitution of our country is governed by certain values which are shared by the people and the government. The commitment to the values enshrined in our constitution greatly influences the quality of governance in our country. These values are those of nationalism, democracy and secularism. There are two features that tend to add to the difficulties in governing the country. The political institutions since 1970 have progressively shown their inability to respond to society’s changing concerns. They have become inefficient and immune to social demands. Political leadership has also given its own push in this direction by undermining them in their eagerness to private profiteering and/or personal domination. This is so much true of governmental institutions as of political parties. The other major change has been political awakening among all sections of society including both prosperous and disadvantaged groups. The result is that people are now more politically conscious, more dominant and more impatient with other social groups and with governments that do not respond adequately to their rising expectations and demands and because of such an awakening among the masses it has more difficult to govern the country at time when political degradation has seriously damaged the image and status of government”. Because of the above mentioned factors the concern for good governance is catching attention of policy makers, political leadership and the people at large. Good governance, means securing justice, empowerment, employment and efficient form of government. The need is to formulate a national policy that restores the image and status of the government in the eyes of the citizens by making the government accountable for its actions by ushering the era of good governance for the betterment of our nation.
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