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Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part E (2015)

Religion and scientific education: hand in hand, in the form of functional scientific literacy

Religion and scientific education: hand in hand, in the form of functional scientific literacy

Kamlesh Kumar
This paper sets out to provide an overview on coordination of religion & science, and their real meaning in life of human being. Religion is a human activity (Dow, 2007) and a matter of belief and practice, as a product of human mind (Albert Einstein, 1930). It is a primary, essential universal social phenomenon which seriously concerns almost every human being (Ambedkar, 1957). Religious phenomena are naturally arranged in two fundamental categories of “beliefs and practices” the first one indicates “states of opinion” in the representation of the mind and the second„ determined as modes of action. Religion is the foundation of society connected to social progress. Durkheim ignored the possibility that religion was coming out of the human brain, the mind, without the help of “society.” there is no reason or justification for Religious leaders to remain themselves ignorant, aloof, isolated or blind-folded from these developments and also to keep their followers scientifically unaware ignorant, illiterates and continue to dogmatically opposing new thinking. First of all there is need to open up themselves, develop capacity to understand the new science evolve with changing time, accept the reality and help to newer generation in providing a scientific basis to preaching their faiths. Because the only purpose of religion is to collectively and individually educate their followers to live mentally, thoughtfully, intellectually, physiologically, nutritionally, physically and academically in sound good health in harmony with the laws of nature. Scientific education leads toward scientific temper & knowledge. Man can make this scientific literacy functional. All knowledge is neither science nor power. When observed facts are organised in a way that shows how they are related, knowledge becomes science. i.e., science explains the relation between facts and is concerned not only with what happens but with how and why something happens. Functional scientific literacy is portal of real life which comprises of three main domains i.e. nature of science, science process skill and use of science understanding in daily life. By keeping these three perspectives, school science curriculum should be such that prepares young generation to use scientific knowledge outside of formal education setting in guidance of religious mind (spiritual thought).thus religion and scientific education moves hand in hand which makes functional to every scientific product of mind.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Kamlesh Kumar. Religion and scientific education: hand in hand, in the form of functional scientific literacy. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(11):311-316.
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