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Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part I (2015)

Curriculum Development in Higher Education

Curriculum Development in Higher Education

Anil Suresh Adagale
The development of programs of study, learning and teaching resources, lesson plans and assessment of students, and even teacher education are all based on curriculum. Curriculum exists for students. It is concerned with both content and process. Content refers to what we want students to learn and process refers to how the content is managed. Curriculum must be characterized by a balance of knowledge, skills and attitudes. It must be organized in a logical and sequential manner while making provision for special interest development. It must encourage critical thinking and provide the student with opportunities to develop the ability to make reasoned judgments. The process of curriculum development in India lies between the two extremes of centralization and decentralization. From time to time, the national government formulates the National Policy on Education which includes broad guidelines regarding content and process of education at different stages. Curriculum development involves a variety of activities namely the creation of planned curriculum, pedagogy, instructional material, delivery methods and evaluation for making the student learning process effective. The curriculum development process systematically organizes what will be taught, who will be taught, and how it will be taught. Each component affects and interacts with other components.
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