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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 12, Part C (2015)

A Study of Everett Rogers Adaptation Factors Acting On Green Products, While Establishing a 9ps Framework in Green Marketing Mix

Vikita Vijay
Increased awareness of issues related to environment, building concern for environmental problems, resulting in new public policies and business shift. New public and business polices have led to drastic shift in consumer’s behavior and attitude towards their life. There is change in consumer attitudes towards green products and green marketing strategy. People (consumers) are trying to purchase and use more green products, to reduce negative impact to the environment. To compete in this changing marketing, which is result of changing consumer attitude, organizations and businesses are trying to develop measures and gain edge in competitive market. Green marketing is still in its initial phase; source of information being limited in market and literature, to help consumers and marketers. The purpose of this study was to: (i) examine growing importance of green marketing in gemstone industry (ii) examine the importance of marketing mix as well as social marketing in green marketing (iii) to inculcate public relations in the list of the Ps of marketing (iv) testing relation between the Ps of marketing and Diffusion of Innovation Theory. The primary data for this research are collected from traders, merchants, brokers, business owners in gemstone industry, in Bangkok. A questionnaire was developed to bring all information required or related elements which was examined and compared for theories. The responses varied between business owners and brokers, end users and manufactures, and different demographics. In general, people in gemstone industry are aware of radioactive gemstones, are able to differentiate better (licensing of non-radioactive gemstones or decayed radioactive gemstones) green marketing Ps and its emergence in gemstone industry. The purpose of this quantitative research was to understand how traders and customers in gemstone industry see green marketing as influencing factors in purchase decisions. To understand how green marketing mix, green social marketing and public relations are a sustainable part of gemstone industry while green marketing is facing Diffusion in industry. 450 questionnaires were conducted providing a thorough knowledge and understanding of how marketing Ps are related to Diffusion of Innovation theory.
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Vikita Vijay. A Study of Everett Rogers Adaptation Factors Acting On Green Products, While Establishing a 9ps Framework in Green Marketing Mix. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(12):170-174.
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