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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 12, Part H (2015)

Bioremediation – An eco-friendly tool for effluent treatment: A Review

M Divya, S Aanand, A Srinivasan, B Ahilan
The use of microorganisms to degrade or reduce the concentration of hazardous wastes on a contaminated site is called bioremediation. Biological treatment systems have various applications, such as cleanup of contaminated sites such as water, soil, sludge, and streams. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, intensive farming and other human activities have resulted in land degradation, environmental pollution and a decline in the crop productivity in all sectors of agriculture. Human activities have increased pressure on the natural resources and has become the source of a myriad of pollutants. Several methods have been designed and developed but more often, these process again produce secondary pollutants, which again are costing the environment. Bioremediation is emerging as an effective and attractive management tool to treat and recover the environment, in an ecofriendly manner. Bioremediation has been used at a number of sites worldwide, with varying degrees of success. Bioremediation, both in situ and ex situ have also enjoyed strong scientific growth, in part due to the increased use of natural attenuation, since most natural attenuation is due to biodegradation. Bioremediation technology, which leads to degradation of pollutants, may be a lucrative as well as environmentally friendly alternative. This article discusses the role of microbes in different waste water treatment methods in different field and puts forward thoughts and scope for further research in the field.
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M Divya, S Aanand, A Srinivasan, B Ahilan. Bioremediation – An eco-friendly tool for effluent treatment: A Review. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(12):530-537.
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