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Vol. 1, Issue 12, Part I (2015)

Research on Dehydrated Tomato Leathers: A Review

Research on Dehydrated Tomato Leathers: A Review

Parimita, Madhav Kumar
Tomato leathers are pectic gels obtained by dehydrating tomato purees to produce restructured, attractive flexible sheets which retain shape and are eaten as snack or dessert. Home preparation is usual to preserve fruits. This product adds variety to a healthy diet and possesses dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals while providing a good energy intake. Tomato leather is prepared from fluid-like formulations placed in trays and dehydrated in hot- air dryers at 60-80 ºC and 2-4 m/s. The formulation usually consists of fruit puree added with sucrose or glucose syrup to increase sweetness, solids content, and to reinforce the sugar-acid-high methoxyl pectin gelation. Besides, citric acid may be added to decrease the pH below 3.5. At low pH, carboxyl groups of pectins are undissociated and participate in hydrogen bonds that support gel structure. Investigations on fruit leathers began in 1978 and kept an irregular pace, except in the last five years. The aim of this work is to review published research on Tomato leathers in order to summarize available information on formulations, quality indices and nutritional retention in relation to the drying technique utilized, being this useful to industry and health-conscious consumers.
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Parimita, Madhav Kumar. Research on Dehydrated Tomato Leathers: A Review. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(12):602-604.
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