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Vol. 1, Issue 12, Part L (2015)

Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma

Bahroz Abbas Mahmood
Multiple myeloma is a plasma cell cancer which is for some extend characterized by presence of monoclonal gammopathy in individuals with (MM) as it may also increase in light chain amyloidosis and macroglobulinemia. However, the aetiology of (MM) still not fully understood, recent research has found that MM may be caused by several factor such as; tumour transformation due to series of genetic changes in the cells and it is obvious that changes in microenvironment of bone marrow facilitate tumour growth. Clinically the symptoms of MM vary and depend on the organ involved, in many patients’ unexplained back pain or bone pain is the initial clinical presentation. Bones of ribs, pelvis, skull and long bones are observed with multiple lytic lesions in most of patients. The occurrence of clinical symptoms and lesions may predisposed by a variety of factors such as; age, sex, ethnicity, inheritance factors. Although individuals with rheumatoid arthritis or individuals with body mass index higher than 30 kg are at high risk of susceptibility to MM, no obvious risk factor might be determined in most patients.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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