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Vol. 1, Issue 12, Part M (2015)

The support system of single women

The support system of single women

The Singleton has emerged as a distinct social category in the rapidly changing Kerala society. The present study attempts to show the change from Spinster to Singleton and the generation differentials of single women in Kerala, India. The study also made an attempt to find out the support systems of the single women of Kerala. rnThe focus of the study is single women of two generations, 225 spinsters and 225 singletons. Single women from three districts- Thiruvanathapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode constituted the sample for the study. The different aspects of the singlehood were collected with the help of Interview schedule and the scale developed was used for measuring support systems of the single women. The economic theory of Marx, Women’s economic empowerment theory of Blumberg, Dramaturgical model of role theorists, Becker’s labelling theory of deviance, Michalo’s Multiple-discrepancy theory are the theoretical framework of the study.rnThe analysis of the study reveals that there is difference between spinsters and singletons in all background variables and dependent variables. The findings of the study shows that the major support systems considered in this study are family, employment, friends, social participation, and leisure. There is significant difference between spinsters and singletons on each sub-section of support system and in each sub-section of support system, singletons have better score showing that they have better support system than the spinsters. The study shows that single women of Kerala have good support system from their family. Majority single women consider friendship as a strong support system to them and in the case of singletons this rate is very high.
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