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Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part B (2015)

Does ability to bounce back depend on education?

Does ability to bounce back depend on education?

Dr. Sudha Katyal
One of the most conspicuous symbol of poverty in India is growing population of children in slums. Probing the role of education on the ability to bounce back from adversities was the aim of this investigation. One hundred adolescents living in slums with half of them receiving formal education and other half not receiving any education (drop outs) were sampled and assessed. t test was used to determine the difference in the mean scores of this ability to bounce back in these two sub- samples. Results revealed a significant difference in this regard. Majority of non-school going slum adolescents expressed a wish to go to school if they get a chance again. As far as the reason for not going to school was concerned, majority of them reported lack of interest and poverty as main causes. Majority spent their day just working as rag pickers, labourers or selling vegetables or fruits. A little more than half of the total sample reported that they were not encouraged by anybody to go to school. While those who were encouraged, revealed that they were motivated by their parents.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Dr. Sudha Katyal. Does ability to bounce back depend on education?. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):74-78.
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