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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part D (2015)

Heavy metals position of Bagad River (A tributary of Ganga) at Budaun region

Pravesh Kumar
It is a micro level study of Bagad River at Budaun district of U.P. which will be useful in studying and understanding impact of water pollution on human, residing in any region of the country in terms of health status. Heavy metals are sometimes called “trace elements”. They are the metallic elements of the periodic table. Heavy metals have become of particular interest in recent decades within the framework of environmental investigation. This has without doubt been due to the fact that highly sensitive analytical procedures are available for determining and detecting metal content with high precision. Medical geology is a subfield of geology that studies the effects of chemical in the environment, especially trace elements, on the health of humans and animals. The chemistry of drinking water commonly has been cited as an important factor in many diseases. These diseases are apparently related to contaminant drinking water with heavy metals such as Zn, Hg, Cd, Cu, Ni, and Cr. Renal failure is related to contamination drinking water with lead and cadmium, liver cirrhosis to copper and molybdenum, hair loss to nickel and chromium, and chronic anemia to copper and cadmium.
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Pravesh Kumar. Heavy metals position of Bagad River (A tributary of Ganga) at Budaun region. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):254-257.
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