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Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part J (2015)

Women sports in India-Constraints, Challenges, complications, and its remedies

Women sports in India-Constraints, Challenges, complications, and its remedies

Rather Hilal Ahmad
The status of women in modern India is a sort of irony the women have left the secured domain of their home and are now in the battlefield of life, fully armored with their enthusiasm, talent and quench for their status. They had proven themselves that they can walk shoulder to shoulder with men. But in India they are yet to get their dues. The sex ratio of India shows that the Indian generation is still discriminatory against women’s to make their place in the work sector or in the field of sports. There are so many problems faced by Indian women in day today life as compared to the other women of European countries. These problems have become the part and parcel of life of Indian women and some of them have accepted them as their fortune. While in addition to these problems Kashmiri girls face another constraint i.e. religious constraint. But the time has changed and the Indian women are proving their worth and mark their name in the top list of world Scholars, Scientists, Doctors and Sports Champions. Sport is a universal in nature. Earlier day’s only men used to participate in most of the games, sports and women were not allowed to participate. Earlier women faced many constraints such as physiological, psychological, family, social, cultural; religious and so on but later they also started active participation in all events. Women sports participants face many constraints or hurdles during the sports career. Such constraints prevent them from either involving in sports or prevent them from training. The objective of the article was to highlight issues, challenges and remedies faced by women sports participants in Kashmir and in India. To study the constraints faced by women participant, a questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire with 30 open ended questions was finalized. The finalized open end questionnaire was administered to 70 experts, which included women players, coaches and officials. It includes physical constraints, physiological constraints, psychological constraints, sociological constraints, cultural constraints, religious constraints and economical constraints. Because of the above discussed constraints as barriers the present women face problems like stress, obesity, hypertension, diabetes; hormone dysfunction leads to in activity, unable to accomplish the day-to-day activities and prone to injury such as the osteoporosis condition. Hence, they are the producer, maker and servers to the society, these constraints are to be eliminated for the betterment of women health. Campaign for all women sports participation should encouraged in schools, colleges and in universities. Government should conduct the awareness programme for women sports participation and should encourage them. The families should also support their girls to participate in sports.
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Rather Hilal Ahmad. Women sports in India-Constraints, Challenges, complications, and its remedies. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):656-659.
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