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Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part L (2015)

Impact of flexible working arrangements in the MNCs of Delhi

Impact of flexible working arrangements in the MNCs of Delhi

Dr. Parul Deshwal
Flexible working refers to those working arrangements that are significantly different from regular work patterns. It allows employees to choose his/her place or time of work by exploiting the technological advancements that makes it possible to connect to work virtually without having to commute to office and/or do so during hours of the day that suits a particular employee. Variousstudies says that the employees who are given opportunities to work more flexibly are more dedicated and productive employees and are better able to manage their lives outside of work. To be truly flexible and effective, a workplace—its design, practices and policies—must benefit the organization and its employees Organizations that provide more effective and flexible work environments have been shown to have more engaged, satisfied, and healthier employees with fewer intentions of looking for new employment. As workplaces become more intense, Organizations find that they must become more flexible to support employees ineffectively managing their demands at work and at home and to attract, develop, and retain the employees they need to succeed. This paper gives an insight that how workplace flexibility has impacted the organizations as well as employees in a positive way.
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Dr. Parul Deshwal. Impact of flexible working arrangements in the MNCs of Delhi. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):810-814.
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