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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part M (2015)

To assess knowledge regarding advanced patient care among staff nurses

VR Moite and Namarata Mohite
Background: The nurse plays a key role in the equation and solving the problems presented by patients / clients. Acting as mediator between client, multidisciplinary team, family and community, the nurse and the nursing staff assist in problem solving and coping with health problems diagnosed by them The nursing profession requires increasing competence of its practitioners at all levels because nursing practice at an advanced level for the pursuit of health care is expected throughout society as the nursing profession has been touted as a way of improving quality of health care. Material and Methods: Descriptive study design was used with descriptive survey research approach. Study sample was 50 staff nurses working at Krishna Hospital and Medical research centre, Karad. Purposive sampling technique was used to select study sample. Structured self administered questionnaire and structured observational checklist was used to collect data. Tool includes three sections, namely- demographic perfoma, knowledge questionnaire and observational checklist. Data were collected and were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics using licensed copy of instat software. Result: The results revealed that majority 58 % of subjects were having average knowledge, 24% having good knowledge and 18% were having poor knowledge. The association between level of knowledge with socio demographic variables were identified by using one way ANOVA and unpaired t test. Conclusion: Nursing roles may be enhanced through progressive broadening of the scope of the patient care role, fostering the nurse quality controller and educator role, and addressing barriers to role enhancement, such as organisational inexperience with interprofessional work and lack of a career structure.
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VR Moite, Namarata Mohite. To assess knowledge regarding advanced patient care among staff nurses. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):850-853.
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