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Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A (2015)

Vividness of human nature in Shakespeare: An introduction

Vividness of human nature in Shakespeare: An introduction

Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan
Shakespeare is considered as the most popular playwright of the English Literature. His philosophical ideas lead the readers to find out the human nature from his literary works in our day to day life. Shakespeare is the author of Elizabethan period. In his writings, we find optimism, truth, pragmatism, straightforwardness, morals and didacticism, mingling of tragic and comic elements. Some of his plays are concerned with the external behavior of men. Indeed he has universal appeal and his own distinctive features to attract the readers. Shakespeare himself can be understood as the ultimate product of the philosophy of Renaissance humanism. He was an artist with a deep understanding of humanity and an uncanny ability for self-expression who openly practiced and celebrated the ideals of intellectual freedom. Shakespeare expressed his philosophy through his characters in his plays. He has been called an early existentialist. The study will present the vividness and luminosity of Shakespeare’s writings.
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Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan. Vividness of human nature in Shakespeare: An introduction. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(2):21-24.
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