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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 3, Part C (2015)

Science and technology in early India: An overview

Arun Kumar
The science and technology in ancient India was well cultivated and was based on innovative ideas and inventions. The progress in science and technology had begun with human civilization in general and with chalcolithic, bronze and stone age in particular. The archaeological remains of Harappa suggest that people had made immense progress in field of science and technology. Town planning, drainage, seals, terracotta figurines, dancing girl, bathroom etc gives us a high impression of their skill in science and technology. The Mauryan and the Gupta period was rich in science and technology as well. The mauryan buildings, potteries, terracotta figurines and inscriptions were of high degree of skill in science and engineering. The coins and mehrauli inscriptions of Gupta speaks of their high taste in science and technology. Aryabhatta, Varahamihra, Brahmagupta, Charaka, Susruta, Bhaskar were some of the popular names in the field of science. Their contributions not only benefited India but also abroad.
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Arun Kumar. Science and technology in early India: An overview . Int J Appl Res 2015;1(3):158-163.
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