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Vol. 1, Issue 3, Part C (2015)

Psychology of colours

Psychology of colours

Mandeep Kaur
The most striking aspect of clothes is their colour. It is one of the prominent factor that makes one instantly like or dislike a garment. Appreciation of fabric, style, trimmings etc. stand secondary. Colour is a powerful communication tool which has psychological and physiological effect on our bodies. It can change mood, cause excitement and even influence the decisions people make. It can sway thoughts, change actions and cause reactions. It can irritate one’s eyes, raise one’s blood pressure or even suppress one’s appetite, if not appropriately used. When used in right way, colours can create magic and even save energy consumption.
Colours always play tricks because they differ in weight, warmth, distance and intensity or acidity. Hence, it is necessary to understand the harmony of colours knowing which colours to be used, in what order and proportion to create a desired effect. The language of colour is equally important to graphic designers, interior designers, architects, advertisers for selling of products, artists and crafts people for achieving satisfactory results to create beauty, balance and harmony in their products/works. Right choice of colours and blend plays a very important role in almost all the fields of visual and performing arts.
Most importantly, colours remove dullness in life, add spice and enhance the beauty of the objects around us.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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