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Vol. 1, Issue 4, Part B (2015)

Diversity of chitinases and their industrial potential

Diversity of chitinases and their industrial potential

Roushan Islam, Bejoysekhar Datta
Chitinases are of immense importance for their diversity and a variety of potential uses. They are found in almost all life forms including bacteria, fungi, plants, insects, mammals and viruses. The substrate of chitinases is primarily chitin which is a complex biopolymer resistant to degradation. Hydrolysis of chitin by chitinolytic enzymes leads to the production of monomers which are of tremendous industrial uses. Biologically active monomers of chitinase degradation are potentially useful as medicine. Different organisms produce a wide variety of chitinase enzymes that exhibit different substrate specificities and other properties useful for various functions. In bacteria, chitinases play roles in nutrition and parasitism whereas in fungi, protozoa, and invertebrates they are also involved in morphogenesis. Baculoviruses, which are used for biological control of insect pests, also produce chitinases for pathogenesis. Chitinases have been exploited for production of single cell proteins, preparation of bioactive oligosaccharides, pathogen inhibition and reinforcement of plant defense. Chitinase activity in human serum has recently been described. The possible role suggested is a defense against fungal pathogens. Chitinase production is markedly influence by time and pH in microorganisms.
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Roushan Islam, Bejoysekhar Datta. Diversity of chitinases and their industrial potential. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(4):55-60.
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