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Vol. 1, Issue 5, Part E (2015)

A study on stress among nurses

A study on stress among nurses

Shavita Deshwal
Stress is with us every day of our lives. It is conversed in books, movies, and in support groups. Nurses deal with the stress of safely caring for patients on a daily basis, sometimes not realizing that they, themselves are stressed. It has been agreed that, in the caring profession, nurses form the largest group of which the principal mission is the nurturing of and caring for people in the human health experience. They provide around-the-clock services to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, as well as to clients using supportive and preventative programs and related community services (Kipping, 2000:207). Occupational stress is more prominent in this caring profession and the result is absenteeism, anxiety, suicide and depression. The present study is an attempt to find out the difference in stress level among the nurses working in the government hospitals and private hospitals. The data was gathered from the hospitals in Delhi and Faridabad. A sample of 100 nurses was considered for study. Random convenient sampling technique was used to collect the data. Nursing Stress Scale given by Gray-Toft and Anderson (1981) was used to measure perceived stress among nurses. Results revealed that there was no significant difference amongst the nurses of government hospitals and private hospitals.
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