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Vol. 1, Issue 7, Part H (2015)

A study of the problems of petroleum dialer’s and research hurdles - A sociological study

A study of the problems of petroleum dialer’s and research hurdles - A sociological study

R. Devananda, GD Narayana
Petroleum dealers are those dealers selected by thernrespective oil companies and the union government of India. Under the unionrngovernment of India three public sector oil companies and private companies arernworking. These companies will appoint their dealers through the Dealersrnselection board or from company directly while allotting the dealership therngovernment or oil companies will conduct the interviews fully by announcing thernsubject in the newspaper on the basis of government guidelines. Somerndealerships are meant for category, general, SC, ST, ex –servicemen’s handicapped,rnladies reservation war martyrs (Cargill war). The petroleum dealers are facingrnmany problems. The consortium of India petroleum dealers associationrnrepresenting ¾ dealers networking in the country says the members are facingrnvarious issues including working dealers commission that have got reduced duernto evaporation losses. The dealers are facing numerous problems are threateningrndealers survival. Such as supplies from terminal to the dealer’s outlet,rnworking capital problems and heavy investment on the petroleum products tornmaintain the sufficient stocks, why extending the credit facilities retailrncustomers and for institutions like KSRTC constricting company’s aviationrncompanies so on. While dispensing the petroleum products through the nozzle gunrnsales and everything depends on the pump attends and customers. The petroleum retailrnout lets generally should work from 6 AM to 11 PM (around 17 hours) for this hernhas to arrange two working shifts, and also he has to appoint one pumprnattendant for each nozzle gun. At that time dealers is facing shortage ofrnmanual labors in all areas.To maintain the sufficient stocks he has to invest nearly 25 laksrncapital. Now the nationalized bank interest rate are very high ranging from 11%rnto 15 ¼ %, for that dealers has to pay heavy interest.rnFor the transportation petroleum products from the terminal to the retail outrnlet he has to hire or buy a tank truck for his own use it needs approximatelyrn18 laks capital. To open retail outlet adjacent to the rural roads, staternhighways, national highways dealer has to spent crore of rupees capital. Afterrnreceiving the products dealer has sell the products on the basis of marketrndisciplinary guild lines (MDG) issued by the union government of India and oilrncompanies. The petroleum products will come under the purview of essentialrncommodities Act incorporated by union government of India because it’s arncentral subject. The institution of higher educations are responsible for nurturingrnthe growth of knowledge managing development of social transformations by thernresearch. The problems are faced by the researcher in India and remedialrnmeasures for promoting and improving the quality of higher education level. Thernresearch a study of “the petroleum dealers and research hurdles” petroleumrnissues are in academic field as major problems, like interest rates, working capital,rncompetition and so on. The research area concerned the above topic is recentrnphenomenon. And this study mainly focused about research problems are faced inrnfinding the petroleum dealers and their socio-economic conditions. We havernobjectives in this study to collect the information socio- economic conditionsrnpetroleum dealers through the conflict and development perspectives and also wernhave hypothesis in this study that socio-economic conditions of petroleumrndealers are not so good and they are facing many problems.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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R. Devananda, GD Narayana. A study of the problems of petroleum dialer’s and research hurdles - A sociological study. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(7):453-457.
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