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Vol. 1, Issue 8, Part B (2015)

5 Social media trends and strategies in 2015

5 Social media trends and strategies in 2015

Ekta Bansal
Going by the old adage, if the route to a man’s heart was through his belly, then the route to mankind’s heart in 2015 is through the social media! At the verge of its entry into the third quarter, 2015 has been one bolting charger in the social media derby. With the blue-white ‘f’ icon retaining its iconic status and the little ‘twitty’ bird ‘hashtagging’ and ‘@ing’ its way from ‘vine-to-vine’, a host of fresh trends have emerged with a willingness to stay. At the outset, the ‘ocean-of-motion’ is swelling thick and high as social videos dominate the trends, ebbing and flowing over the more wordy modes of expression. We witness Facebook trump YouTube in video views, ‘streaming’ in a new revolution. We also witness the fated partnership of ecommerce with its social counterpart, the sCommerce. Social networks realise the convenience of online shopping and wish to integrate the same with themselves so that users shop while staying on the social network. The panacea in your pocket continues to gain sway in 2015. The growing affair between mobile phones and social apps continues to rake in influence and taller numbers this year. “…but then how is he your friend if you don’t even know his name?” “Anonymity” has made itself “known” this year as the discreet child of the otherwise candid social media. On platforms like Whisper and Secret, you can be who you want to be with none being any the wiser! Finally, Facebook wants to be your personal shopper, taking care of your purchases and money transfers across platforms and websites. And with half of 2015 still unturned on the calendar, more interesting turns in the social arena seem by no means improbable before the current year hits senility!
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International Journal of Applied Research
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