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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 8, Part K (2015)

An Analysis on Market Propective of Rural Banking among Customers in Delhi

Rajni Kundu
Banking services can be accessible to the rural population at secure surrounding area like a mini branch. The Banks in turn would profit seriously because of the enhanced business adding to the bottom line of the bank. Banks need to attain out the deprived throughout micro-credit, self- help groups. There must be restricted focused interest to the financial insertion of the unbanked areas. We require enlarging rural banking services at the customer’s expediency. Also, banks must spread out their reach through different exchange channels. The intention of this paper is to evaluate the level of banking saturation in a sample village and to discover the association between bank accounts and related factors, such as, occupation, income and asset-holding status. The findings afford practical implications for bankers in terms of providing banking services in rural areas. The existing gap in credit facilities offers manifold opportunities to bankers for providing diverse credit facilities. Since the findings designate that common of the respondents show and preference for availing credit for dairy activities, suggestions are obtainable for tapping potential customers.
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Rajni Kundu. An Analysis on Market Propective of Rural Banking among Customers in Delhi. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(8):659-661.
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