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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 9, Part D (2015)

A Study on Changing Trends in Online Shopping of Indian Consumers in Apparel Segment

Binoy Mathew
In the last couple of years we saw the Indian ecommerce industry making it to news for all the funds it raised. Indian e-commerce industry has been growing at a scorching rate during the last few years with hundreds of million dollars being invested by venture capital funds in the sector. E-commerce has been around in India for more than a decade but has become main stream only in the last few years. E-commerce was low in starting years due to initial inhibitions, but it is growing now with extraordinary pace as the confidence of Indian buyers is increasing day by day. By analysing the current behaviour of Indian buyers, experts estimated that the trend of e-shopping will become basic phenomena among buyers in coming years. The business model of the Indian ecommerce is taking a full circle flip to go back to where it started, though this time the infrastructure has changed and along with that the size and understanding of the market as well. The players are moving towards a model that they did not originally start with; hence the belief is that they have definite answers to the intricacies of the model and not just a me-too jump. The present study is to analyse the changing trends in online shopping of Indian consumers in the apparel segment. In the beginning stages of online shopping consumers were reluctant to buy apparels online as it has many limitations. But today the market is able to overcome many of the limitations and build confidence among the consumers to buy online. The last two years have seen considerable increase in online trade in the apparel segment.
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Binoy Mathew. A Study on Changing Trends in Online Shopping of Indian Consumers in Apparel Segment. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(9):207-214.
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