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Vol. 1, Issue 9, Part P (2015)

Legal issues and challenges on Pronography in India

Legal issues and challenges on Pronography in India

Archana W Awaghad, Kalpana V Jawale
Pornography is not only an emerging issue in India but also over all worlds. A worst and adverse effect of the technology can be seen in this era. The word pornography is defined as “writing, photographs, movies etc. intended to arouse sexual excitement.” The main issue regarding pornography is that there are technical issues while banning those sites and also fundamental rights to access the free use of internet which causing a very ill impact on the upcoming generation. Under Information Technology Act 2000 pornography is held as a punishable offence. Therefore there is controversy between the rights of users and legal provisions. In this article the Researcher has tried to discuss various issues and challenges of pornography in India, through various articles, online data and books. Researcher also provides some suggestions related to this. One third of the internet is covered by porn-sites which are leading to exploitation n suppression of women and children. To prevent it, a strong control of law is needed. Through this article researcher highlights about pornography, legal provisions and judicial control. Researcher emphasizes through this article the adverse impact of it on society, children and women and recommended strong control of law over it.
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Archana W Awaghad, Kalpana V Jawale. Legal issues and challenges on Pronography in India. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(9):1033-1036.
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