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Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2016)

Impact of belligerence and behavior on sports performance

Impact of belligerence and behavior on sports performance

Rather Hilal Ahmad
Belligerence is common in sports players especially among in those sports persons who play combative sports and team games, this belligerence prevails in such situations which sometimes forces the athlete to do some unwanted behavior which he himself is not aware of for its occurrence. Belligerence and aggressive behavior are sometimes out of the ethical empire of sports, and sometimes very much part of sport, depending on the type of sport, the demand on the performer, nature, and so on. Belligerence includes different behaviours at different situations that serve a common end – to impose pain or injury on the opponent or to disturb the opponent by misbehaving or utter such word which will force him to commit fowls or mistakes. Several studies have been conducted by researchers worldwide but there still remain grim areas that fail to pinpoint offensive or aggressive behavior in sport. This research paper aims to throw light on the reasons for the existence of this belligerence and resolve of such behavior and possible remedies to deal with the same whenever needed.
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