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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 12, Part E (2016)

The perception of people about structural changes of bandhan from micro finance institution to banking institution: A case study in Siliguri

Sabyasachi Bose
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intended to widen the reach of the `84 trillion banking industry to unserved segments. According to World Bank, 2012 document only 35% of Indian adults have access to formal banking services. Granting banking license to Bandhan, a leading microfinance institution (MFI), is the first step towards this as the selection of Bandhan points out to the priority of RBI to enhance financial inclusion. Service quality has become an important factor among the customers in retail banking. Bandhan has been engaged in the delivery of microfinance service for the last 13 years. The model followed is individual lending through group formation. Bandhan’s commitment towards triple bottom-line values is strongly asserted by its intervention in development activities and thus, from August 23, 2015, Bandhan Bank started its operations across the country with 600 branches with its presence in 22 states with 67 lakh customers. Today it is more the perceived experience a customer makes in his various interactions with a company (e.g. how fast, easy, efficient and reliable the process is) that can make or break the customer based relationship. Thus, the researcher in this project has tried to study the perception of people about post structural change status of Bandhan. The descriptive research is based on both primary and secondary data with the basic objectives to study the people’s perception about banking services provided by Bandhan Bank and the perceptions of people about structural change from micro finance to Banking Institution of Bandhan. The research has found that currently Bandhan’s main asset is their existing customers and their trust on their services becomes a major step in setting up of a bank. Their unique ways of working would lead Bandhan as one of the successful banks in banking sector as majority of population is satisfied with the banking services of Bandhan.
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Sabyasachi Bose. The perception of people about structural changes of bandhan from micro finance institution to banking institution: A case study in Siliguri. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(12):303-312.
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