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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 12, Part J (2016)

Economical dimensions of Jain principle of ahimsa

Prof. Prathibha Parshwanath and Dr. K Ramachnadra
The world is juxta posed with all kinds of people like happiness with misery, rich and poor, health and diseases, peaceful with miseries, comforts and discomforts and the like. The human sufferings are inevitable and perversive. The human beings through the practice of virtues should identify the peace and potentialities. The growth of mankind and individuals i.e. human development leads to sustainable economic development. The latter is guided by the virtues prescribed in all religions especially Jainism. The great religion Jainism contributed significantly to the sustainable economic development through human development. The paper traces out how the path of Jainism and its ethical principles acting as guiding force and binding force for sustainable economic development. It mainly concentrates on interdependency of non-violence and economics and often leads to one another.
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Prof. Prathibha Parshwanath, Dr. K Ramachnadra. Economical dimensions of Jain principle of ahimsa. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(12):632-635.
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