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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part E (2016)

Review paper on big data analytics

G Yasasvi
In today’s world information technology is booming and continues to have a big impact in the future. With number of internet and computing device users increasing, the information technology is going through a new phase where enormous amount of data is being generated this is called Big Data Analytics. In 2014 the number of Google search queries per minute was more than 4 million, in the same year Facebook collected 500 terabytes per day, in that there was a contribution of 300 million photos. By the end of year, photos and videos were summed up to 100 petabytes. The statistics goes on. These data are nothing but just a big bunch of information which are not yet sorted, or it can be said that the data is in raw form and needs to be processed. The term Big Data means that data generated is not only in huge amounts but is also of great variety and high rate velocity. Big Data has wide variety of applications varying from sector to sector where it can be used. For many multinational companies, Big Data is a source of revenue generation, for others it may can be a medium for carrying out mass feedback, such as for governments it can be used to know about the welfare of people and many more. Big Data is an evolving field of future interest with a great potential in it. Wherein information technology is rapidly changing with more data being generated, people who assess with the help of these data need to gain valuable acumens from it. Most of the data is being generated from social networks, internet browsing, online feedback systems and many more. This paper focuses on how the Big Data Analytics came into existence and evolved, its advantages, flip sides and future opportunities [1, 4].
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G Yasasvi. Review paper on big data analytics. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(2):314-317.
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