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Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part J (2016)

Biodiversity conservation in Himalayan region

Biodiversity conservation in Himalayan region

Dr. Monika Sood, Sakshi Chuahan
The Himalayas are our greatest heritage. They are storehouse of hundreds of endemic plants species and some world’s rarest wildlife species. It is one of the world’s richest ecosystems in terms of biological diversity. Biodiversity is the life support system of our planet we depend on it for the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. We literally need to conserve biodiversity like our lives depend on it. Biodiversity is threatened by a variety of global changes resulting from the combined action of human society. The most direct threats are overharvesting and loss/disturbance of habitat resulting from conversion of natural ecosystem to human use. However, other changes such as increased nutrient availability and elevated CO2, with the resulting climate changes in the form of warmer climates, less snowfall, erratic rainfall, untimely hail, retreating glaciers, movement of plant species upward, soil erosion etc. are also long – term threats. Therefore, conservation of biodiversity has become a growing concern of central significance to all sectors of society. Ensuring conservation of biodiversity is one of humankind’s important global responsibilities. It is important to conserve biodiversity for the sake of our own curiosity and aesthetic appreciation. While everyone agrees that conserving natural resources is a good idea, there is no consensus on how to go about it. Every group from governmental agencies to concerned individuals has their own idea of what measures should be taken to achieve it. Further, each group has its own agenda to purse and may regard some factors of conservation of biodiversity as threats to those agendas. The conservation of diversity is a complicated matter. Yet if it is not resolved during our lifetime, the problems we leave our descendants will be even more complicated and harder to resolve. 
“Peace of Sky, Peace of Mid-Region, Peace of Earth, Peace of Water, Peace of plants, Peace of Trees, Peace of All-Gods, Peace of Brahman, Peace of Peace, May that Peace come to me.”
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Dr. Monika Sood, Sakshi Chuahan. Biodiversity conservation in Himalayan region. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(2):610-615.
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