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Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part D (2016)

Human psyche as affected by multiculturalism an analytical study

Human psyche as affected by multiculturalism an analytical study

Dr. Zeba Aqil, Nikhat Zulekha
Multiculturalism, as defined as the idea that multiple cultures can co-exist within the same nation, seems on the face of it to be a rather benign idea. The concept that someone living in one culture finds a way to tolerate the cultural practises of other ethnic systems appears to lead to a more peaceful world as conflict between differing groups is set aside. Multiculturalism is an attractive and persuasive notion. It suggests a human being whose identifications and loyalties transcend the boundaries of nationalism and whose commitments are pinned to a larger vision of the global community. To be a citizen of the world, an international person, has long been an ideal toward which many strive. Unfortunately, history is also rich with examples of totalitarian societies and individuals who took it upon themselves to shape everyone else to the mold of their planetary vision. Repulsive as it was, Hitler had a vision of a world society. Less common are examples of men and women who have striven to sustain a self-process that is inclusively international in attitude and behavior. For good reason. Nation, culture, and society exert tremendous influence on each of our lives, structuring our values, engineering our view of the world, and patterning our responses to experience. Human beings cannot hold themselves apart from some form of cultural influence. No one is culture free. Culture of a person lays indelible impact on his whole life and specially his way of thinking and reasoning or in one word it can be said that on the whole psychology of the this paper a brief attempt is made to review this concept of multiculturalism with respect to human psyche.
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Dr. Zeba Aqil, Nikhat Zulekha. Human psyche as affected by multiculturalism an analytical study. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(3):208-212.
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