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Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part M (2016)

AGC and AVR for multi area power system: Demand side management

AGC and AVR for multi area power system: Demand side management

Shashi Yadav and Dr. Anand Kumar
This paper deals with the automatic generation control (AGC) of interconnected thermal systems with combination of the automatic voltage control (AVR) and Demand Side Management (DSM). In this particular work thermal unit is considered with four area concept. The primary purpose of the AGC is to balance the total system generation against system load and losses so that the desired frequency and power interchange with neighbouring systems are maintained. Any mismatch between generation and demand causes the system frequency to deviate from scheduled value. Thus high frequency deviation may lead to system collapse. Further the role of automatic voltage regulator to hold terminal voltage magnitude of synchronous generator at a specified level. The interaction between frequency deviation and voltage deviation is analyzed in this paper. System performance has been evaluated at various loading disturbances. On the other hand, in those days more emphasis on generation side rather than demand side. In this paper DSM scheme is also considered. Demand side management is normally used to reduce the total load demand of power system during periods of peak demands in order to maintain the security of the system. It has been used for this purpose in the past 10 years so that utilities an differ the need of reinforce their networks as well as the need of increasing the capacity of the generators. Research has been carried out in order to identify additional functions and benefits that demand side management can bring to end users and utilities. In this paper schedules loading availability strategy is used to maintain the load.
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Shashi Yadav, Dr. Anand Kumar. AGC and AVR for multi area power system: Demand side management. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(3):834-835.
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