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Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part C (2016)

Enhancing income of farmers through branding of agricultural produce

Enhancing income of farmers through branding of agricultural produce

Dr. Bhavana Singh
Agriculture has always been country’s most important economic sector. It is the major source of livelihood to almost over 65% population of the country but contributes only 19% of the GDP. India has been always known for producing diversified agricultural products and has the potential of being the biggest country with the food and agricultural sector. Thus, considering the fact that it is a large producer of many agricultural products, the country has not been able to develop itself as a major player in the field of agricultural products. For example, although India is the world's second largest producer of fruits & vegetables, but hardly 2% of the produce is processed. This is because India’s food processing sector is at very nascent stage and has still a long way to go. Historically, agriculture in India has been organized on a local basis with often the local production meeting the local demand of Indian consumers. However, diversity in India provides enough scope for the growth and export of many specific products required by other countries. With the advent of globalization and shattering of trade barriers, today agriculture is a multi-billion dollar global industry. Farmers and major corporations all over the world are exporting and selling their products around the world. Like with other consumers and industrial products, even agricultural products are becoming global in nature. It is no wonder that today a consumer can relish Indian mangoes in USA or a consumer sitting in India can relish Brazilian coffee. However, selling agricultural produce is easier said than done. Barring a few agricultural products like Assam tea or Brazilian coffee which have become global products because of their “branded origin”, most of the agricultural produce is still sold as a commodity in most parts of the world and India is no exception. This paper examines the current agricultural scenario in India and explores branding as an important strategic tool for enhancing the farmer’s income in India. It also covers some of the challenges that Indian farming community is facing today and means and ways to overcome the same.
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Dr. Bhavana Singh. Enhancing income of farmers through branding of agricultural produce. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(4):168-179.
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