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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part L (2016)

Effectiveness of hot application on dysmenorrhea

Dr.R.Shankar Shanmugam, Dr.C.Susila, Dr.S. Ani Grace Kalaimathi
Dysmenorrhea is abdominal cramping pain or discomfort associated with menstrual flow. The degree of pain and discomfort alters with the individual.1 Dysmenorrhea is the most common gynaecological dysfunction
Objectives: (1) To assess the level of dysmenorrhea before hot application (2) To assess the level of dysmenorrhea after hot application (3) To compare the effectiveness of hot application on level of dysmenorrhea (4) To associate the level of dysmenorrhea with their demographic variables.
Methodology: A Pre-experimental study research was selected to conduct the study and by using purposive sampling technique, a group of 30 adolescent girls were selected for the study from Billroth College of Nursing which comprises of 180 adolescent girls.
Major Findings: Regarding dysmenorrhea, in the pretest, most of the adolescent girls (53.33%) had very severe pain, 33% had severe pain and 6.7% had worst pain. But in posttest 63% girls had no pain, 30% had mild pain and only 6.66% had moderate pain. Paired‘t’ test shows ‘t’ level of 20.93 which is significant at p<0.05 level.
Conclusion: The study findings revealed that there was a significant reduction in level of dysmenorrhea among adolescent girls after giving hot application. This highlights that the health education programme is to be ventured and to be installed in areas of the health care. Outreach programme can be organized and conducted by the health personnel on dysmenorrhea, specially concentrating on the under privileged section the society.
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Dr.R.Shankar Shanmugam, Dr.C.Susila, Dr.S. Ani Grace Kalaimathi. Effectiveness of hot application on dysmenorrhea. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(4):720-722.
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