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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part L (2016)

Tourism and sustainability

Dr. Prabhat Kumar
Bihar Tourism could be very fascinating for the foreign as well as domestic tourists as rural & semiurban Bihar presents a interesting site because of their unique life styles, fresh environment and splendid beauty. The famous sites which are recognised as the tourist places at Patna, Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodh-Gaya, Vaishali, Sasaram, Jehanabad, Vikramshila, Madhubani, Nandangarh, Rajnagar, Kakolat, Buxar, Munger & all of them have their own glory but unfortunately to the tourists, they are not taking them as tourist demand. The traditional tourists sites like Bodh-Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Parasnath, Mandarhil, Vikramshila, Patna Sahib have been promoted by the Government of Bihar & its public sector, namely, Bihar State Tourism Development corporation. All of them promote community based tourism, participatory and designed to improve the economic and social well being of local people in addition to the concerned institutional and physical environment. It also pin-points the need for careful planning to project the integrity of sites and minimise harmful impacts. Moreover, the local community needs to plan ahead to ensure tha: tourism sustains and benefits local community socio-culturally and economically and is not meant simply for minting for state Government or private entrepreneurs. The tourists in Bihar want to discover the state's ancient culture with comprehensive understanding and achieve all them which they expect knowledgeable explanation interaction and feedback for community development tourism in Bihar will create awareness not only for the travellers but the host regarding socio-culture event & will have opportunities to see the inducing reasons for emergence of Buddhism and Jainism and what impacts on ancent inhabitants of Bihar. It increases communication with people, improves self-image of the community, enhance reasonable employment opportunities educational achievements motivation for learning and modernising of the tourist infrastructure through community development programme. In the economy of Bihar, tourism is now considered a largest industry in view of earning sources of foreign exchange and generate opportunities of jobs than any other industry at a faster rate as well as at a lower cost. It helps to sustainable human development, poverty alleviation; employment generation and environmental regeneration especially in Northern Bihar.
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