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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 5, Part L (2016)

Gandhi – A world class entrepreneur & A life of inspiration 1869-1948

V Mrunalini
Gandhian qualities of management style are to interpret and adopt the philosophy of love truth and nonviolence. Today entrepreneurs have to stay on these principles which are focused on the present entrepreneurial activities. Every one speaks about ethical management and code of conduct but they won’t implement it. Words provoke but difficult to obey. The Gandhian philosophy of management can be expressed as the new dimensions of management of today and should be practiced by all the entrepreneurs.
Everyone can speak of the Gandhian principles but cannot perform. These principles are value based judgments and stresses on the industrialism and globalization of the economic progress of our country. The present paper elites on the individual teams who are self-governed and highly efficient but not having moral standards and not working for the progress of our country. The iconic images of Gandhi, like Charkha indicates that we can make India by utilizing the resources well and earn a peaceful living. Every individual has to imagine what Gandhian message is and how it could be a link between the poor and rich. If we really analyze and do according then there is a chance of diversity and enhancement of opportunities. Yoga and meditation, the simple way of living, silence, spirituality, broad smile are important for people rather than money. What we earn should be genuine and accepted by everyone. Value – based education, Ahimsa foster in people a commitment towards society and the nation. Great sayings of Gandhi profound spirituality and belief in justice inspired the world. We have to find our purpose before it is too late, as an entrepreneur we have to sacrifice our personal life and also we have to sacrifice for the business for the delighting customers.
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V Mrunalini. Gandhi – A world class entrepreneur & A life of inspiration 1869-1948. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(5):765-768.
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