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Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part B (2016)

Ontogeny of anther in Solanum viarum, Dunal

Ontogeny of anther in Solanum viarum, Dunal

Agadi SN, Talawar PL and Emmi SN
During last three decades considerable histological information on anther development were done by many scientists, but histological information on the anther development of Solanaceae members is almost lacking. An attempt is made to understand the development of anther in Solanum viarum, or is there any peculiar feature(s) associated with microsporogenesis. In the present study anther wall development is basic type, epidermis and endothecium is single layered and persistent. Middle layers are two in number, tapetum is binucleate glandular, (in the early stage sporogenous bilayered tapetum is seen) dimorphic in nature, dual in origin.
Rich content of carbohydrate is present in archesporial, sporogenous, meiocyte, tapetal cells, wall layers and pollen grains. At sporogenous stage rich content of starch granules in the wall layers, partition wall and connective is observed. It can be concluded that there is mutual interaction and utilization of biochemical substances in the anthers during formation and differentiation of pollen grains.
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Agadi SN, Talawar PL, Emmi SN. Ontogeny of anther in Solanum viarum, Dunal. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(6):86-91.
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