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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part M (2016)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
भारतीय-मीडिया की चुनौतियाॅं
डाॅ0 आभा त्यागी
Pages: 800-801  |  35 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: Hindi  |  Country: India
Participation of women as per marital status in pre sowing / sowing activities
Nasreen Jahan, Nilofer Khan
Pages: 802-808  |  692 Views  12 Downloads
Subject: Home Science  |  Country: India
Home ScienceIndia
dbhg e"o fNtkDk dk ouBk ;z;ko
i;dhg e"o
Pages: 809-812  |  5137 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Punjabi  |  Country: India
The Influence of Machiavelli upon the History of Political Theories
Gurpal Singh
Pages: 813-815  |  687 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Political Science  |  Country: India
Political ScienceIndia
Customers attitude towards baby products of Johnson & Johnson and Himalayan products, Coimbatore city
O Mathuthra and Dr. K Latha
Pages: 816-819  |  814 Views  23 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
Level of stress among elderly at selected old age homes in Nellore
Maddepalli Usha Rani, B Vanaja Kumari, Arumugam Indira and Katari Kantha
Pages: 820-822  |  925 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Examining socio-economic aspects of ageing: A sociological study
Dr. Sumanth S Hiremath
Pages: 823-826  |  679 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
Effect of incorporation of soya flour to wheat flour on Nutritional and sensory quality of biscuits
P Venkateswari and Dr. S Parameshwari
Pages: 827-832  |  682 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Home Science  |  Country: India
Home ScienceIndia
Neonatal septicemia caused by Burkholderia cepacia in a tertiary care hospital in north India
Dr. Rubina Kochar, Dr. Rekha Bachhiwal, Dr. Rajni Sharma, Dr. Aruna Vyas and Dr. Rakesh Kumar Maheshwari
Pages: 833-836  |  727 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Medical Science  |  Country: India
Medical ScienceIndia
Policy measures regarding absenteeism in MSME’s: Some reflections
Dr. Honnappa S and Rachana B Tambad
Pages: 837-839  |  796 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Management  |  Country: India
A comparative study of achievement motivation between men and women kabaddi and kho-kho players
Dr. M Velmurugan
Pages: 840-842  |  460 Views  23 Downloads
Subject: Sports  |  Country: India
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