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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part A (2016)

Sports equipment and technology

Dr. S Manikandan
We are living in the midst of one of those very unusual occurrences that come What has been occurring over the past few decades is a fundamental paradigm shift that is moving society as a whole from the age of industry to the age of information. The currency in this new society that is being formed is called IT - information technology. IT is simply the tools and methods used for the identification, organization and manipulation of facts that we call data. IT has become the engine that is driving all sectors of today's economy be it industry, government, education or indeed, sports. The most important piece of equipment that lies at the heart of the whole IT process is the computer. The computer and the software that it runs is an essential element in the new societal paradigm and it is a key to success for the modern sports administrator. The application of IT to sports management has dramatically changed the way that we do business. Thinking through how we can use this kind of equipment and these tools greatly enhances outcomes. The bottom line is that these IT tools are rapidly becoming a necessity for the sports administrator at whatever level in the sports hierarchy they are working. They are a powerful force for social inclusion in sport and recreational activity and for the profession as a whole.
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