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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part L (2016)

Sprain and strain: Supervision and Treatment

Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities or exertion. Every day, lots of individuals everywhere the planet participate in games and sports activities or competitions. Participation in sports improves fitness and overall health and wellbeing. Games and sports also can lead to injuries, some minor, some serious and still different in womb-to-tomb medical issues. Sports injuries result from acute trauma or repetitive stress related to athletic activities. Sports injuries will have an effect on bones or soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons). There are varied sports injuries happened within the field of sports. It’s vital for all coaches, trainers and players to understand the causes symptoms, hindrance and treatment for of these common injuries so as to avoid most of those varieties of injuries, additionally to update the poor coaching ways. This paper can review the overall common sports injuries.
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Jasveer. Sprain and strain: Supervision and Treatment. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(7):833-836.
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