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Vol. 2, Issue 9, Part I (2016)

Seismic performance and column frame system

Seismic performance and column frame system

Hamidreza Moeini
The Linked Column Frame is suggested as a steel seismic load resisting system including of two elements: a primary lateral system made up of dual columns interconnected with link beams and a secondary moment can define a new brace-free lateral structural steel system intended for rapid return to occupancy performance level. LCF is more recessive under a design level earthquake than the conventional approaches. The structural system consists of moment frames for gravity that combines with closely spaced dual columns (LC) interconnected with bolted links for the lateral system. The LC links are sacrificial and intended to be replaced following a design level earthquake. The centerpiece of this work was a unique full scale experiment using hybrid testing; a combination of physical test of a critical sub-system tied to a numerical model of the building frame. This paper outlines the experimental setup, testing and validation of the LCF steel frame system. Hybrid testing allows for full scale study at the system level accounting for the uncertainties via experimental component and having the ability to model more conventional behavior through numerical simulation. The experimental sub-system consisted of a two story LCF frame with a single bay while the remainder of the building was numerically modeled. Two actuators per story were connected to the specimen.
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Hamidreza Moeini. Seismic performance and column frame system. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(9):626-631.
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