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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 9, Part K (2016)

An evaluation study on usage of new media as pedagogical tool among high school teachers in Karnataka

Namrata Raut, Dr. Onkargouda Kakade and Prabha B Swamy
New media changed the definition and form of media. In the 21st century new media is powerful tool to reach out people quickly and easily and effectively. The age of new media and other new communication technologies have brought the change in individual’s life. People of all age are at the status of transition in regard to the usage of new media technology. New media usage is possible with the electronic communication, which is possible through the use of computer technology. New media includes websites, Streaming, Chat rooms, Internet, Email, Social Networking, DVD and CD-ROM’s, Virtual reality environment, Internet telephony, Mobile computing etc. The new media has made communication easier across the world. It is enabling new cultures in our society. New media is not just medium of entertainment but its positive usage can construct the personality and individuality. Now a days, new communication technology makes teaching and learning more flexible. New media technologies offer teachers and students a more flexible approach to teaching and learning. Net books, Tablets, Cell phones, iPods, E-readers and even Palmtop computers are increasingly becoming the tools of choice for today's educators, and it is easy to use. It can increase the level of understanding of students. Even teaching can be effective with new media. The pictures, graphics, videos can demonstrate and illustrate the theory well. The present study seeks to find out to what extent high school teachers use new media in Karnataka. How powerful the new media is as teaching tool? The researchers have used the survey method with multi stage sampling. 360 samples are taken for this study. The study revealed that majority of the teachers expressed new media was helpful in their day to today teaching. The study also reported that majority has agreed new media make teaching easy ever before. The study would be helpful to teachers, researchers and users of new media technologies.
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Namrata Raut, Dr. Onkargouda Kakade, Prabha B Swamy. An evaluation study on usage of new media as pedagogical tool among high school teachers in Karnataka. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(9):791-799.
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