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Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part D (2017)

Mental health among the athletes and non-athletes

Mental health among the athletes and non-athletes

Dr. Hanumanthayya Pujari
This paper will highlight the Mental health and benefits for professional athletes and how Mental health can significantly enhance their performance.
Mental health means ability to balance in one’s daily living. In other words it is the ability to face and balance the reality of life (Bhatia, 1982). Mental health is a complex phenomenon depends on a set of familiarly personal, psychological and social variables. Mental health is as an important feature as the physical health of a person to make him complex with balance mental disposition of the children to cope with life more effectively and productively. Good mental health depends on the good state of both mind and body. Each exerts a direct influence on the other, but owing to the power of matter, good mental health is of supreme importance according to Hadfield (1952) mental health is the harmonious functioning of the whole personality.
Out of four components of total health of the individual mental health is vitally important because our entire thought process takes place in mind, our all ideas originate from our mind and all kinds of directions are issued from mind which guide, shape and regulate our communication, conduct and behavior and determine our personal and social functioning as well as adjustment. Mental health is not static but it undergoes change in accordance with time and space and the pendulum of mental health continually oscillates as a continuum of optimism on the one hand and minimal on the other. Further, mental health has to be understood as different from mental disorders which represent a mental state as reflected through varied kinds of symptoms which are relatively enduring, which disrupt the social functioning and are beyond the control of the person who becomes their victim.
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Dr. Hanumanthayya Pujari. Mental health among the athletes and non-athletes. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(1):248-250.
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