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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part I (2017)

Study of calcified placenta and its correlation with fetomaternal outcome

Dr. Mangal Puri, Dr. Sweta Soni, Dr. Vidya Gaikwad and Dr. Monika Mann
Aim of this study was to observe the radiological and histological changes in calcified placenta and correlate with obstetric pathologies and neonatal outcomes in terms of level of hypoxia and their level of resuscitation needed to make new born survive and compare between grades of placental calcification and maternal pregnancy induced pathologies. Role of vitamin D was also correlated with placental calcification grades.
Material and methods Total of 100 calcified placenta were enrolled in study. The calcified placenta were assessed morphologically, histologically and radiologically along with mother’s clinical history to rule out any high risk pregnancy association in terms of PIH, anaemia, abruption etc. Mother vitamin D level were also performed for further correlations. New born were assessed in terms of normality, /birth asphyxia/IUGR/LBW/Prematurity/IUD. The APGAR score, need of resuscitation and NICU requirement was noted. Placenta were examined grossly for visible calcification and the placental tissue were processed for routine paraffin embedment for radiological grading of placental calcification, placentae were kept on the X-ray plate and graded.
To conclude placental calcification is more common with PIH cases and it is associated with intranatal and postnatal asphyxia necessitates good quality of resuscitation in new born. Ultrasound directed Grannum’s grading at 36 weeks of gestation can predict placental calcification. With this it is possible to prevent severe degrees of neonatal asphyxia and also the mother can be evaluated in details for further prevention of complication in subsequent pregnancies.
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Dr. Mangal Puri, Dr. Sweta Soni, Dr. Vidya Gaikwad, Dr. Monika Mann. Study of calcified placenta and its correlation with fetomaternal outcome. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(1):616-619.
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