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Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part I (2017)

Role of ‘Darvyadi Ghana Vati’ in the management of Asrigdara

Role of ‘Darvyadi Ghana Vati’ in the management of Asrigdara

Dr. Himangi V Baldaniya
Asrigdara is an abnormal state characterized by excessive, prolonged, frequent of irregular menstrual bleeding. Incidence of patients with excessive and irregular menstrual bleeding advised to undergo hysterectomy are increasing day by day leading to disastrous psychiatric complaints, therefore an effective non surgical management is necessary for curing it. Hence an Ayurvedic preparation was made with reference of Bhavaprakasha Chikitsasthana 68/8 as Darvyadi Kwath (Darvi, Rasanjana, Kirata Tikta, Vasa, Musta, Rakta Chandana, Arka Pushapa, Bilva) though as per suitability and applicability to the patient it was made as “Darvyadi Ghana Vati” and another control group was administered “Raktasthambhaka Yoga”. Both group were administered 3gms/day in three divided doses for 2 months. The effect of therapy on chief complaints of both groups have shown good results, but more relief was observed on chief complaints in group-A, i.e. Darvyadi Ghana Vati. 36.36% pt. were completely cured in this group.
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Dr. Himangi V Baldaniya. Role of ‘Darvyadi Ghana Vati’ in the management of Asrigdara. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(1):630-634.
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