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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part K (2017)

Effect of homoeopathic medicine Lycopodium clavatum in urinary calculi

Dr. Siva Rami Reddy E
A Brief study of effect of Homoeopathic Medicine Lycopodium Clavatum in Urinary calculi, SGHMC, Sri Ganganagar, (Raj) India Urinary Calculi is one of the most common conditions in all age group which will result in sever complication. Homoeopathy is giving better result in treating urinary calculi. The objective were to evaluate the Lycopodium Clavatum remedial action in case of Urinary Calculi and to analyze group of Lycopodium Clavatum remedy effective in the treatment of Urinary Calculi A hospital based observational study was carried out on Sriganganagar Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Sri Ganganagar, Raj. The study group of 30 was selected based on purposive sampling method. This is before and after without control type of experimental study. 30 diagnosed cases were considered. Data collected were analyzed and inferred with T test used to calculate. The overall response of the treatment with the help of 10 Homoeopathic medicines. It was observed that out of 30 patients, 18 (60%) patient were cured, 10 (33%) patients improved, 2 (7%) patients showed no response. Homoeopathic Lycopodium Clavatum remedy are very effective in urinary calculi. There were no side effects during the treatment.
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Dr. Siva Rami Reddy E. Effect of homoeopathic medicine Lycopodium clavatum in urinary calculi. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(1):790-791.
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