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Vol. 3, Issue 10, Part C (2017)

Cashless-digital economy: ‘Grey’ surrealism?

Cashless-digital economy: ‘Grey’ surrealism?

Dr. Sukanta Saha
In this paper, I attempt to detect: why complete “cash-less economy” in India is hard to realize. My paper aims to detect the contributory economic factors to explain why the policy of complete digital payment in India is difficult to assess. The study tries to unfold a few facets in the context of the “grey” localization of informal industries and services inheriting a formal-informal linkage. Such an exploration is crucial to make a successful policy implementation. The incorporation of the scenario becomes further intensified within the realm of diversified heterogeneity in production with increased volume of informal “industrial districts” in India. The present paper consciously avoids the issues like demonetization and their significant “arrays” in this context in order to make the present study concise one by appearing with separate studies with them. The micro-level field surveys, sampling design and data analysis of the study is based on the standard model approach to avoid spatial homogeneity.
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Dr. Sukanta Saha. Cashless-digital economy: ‘Grey’ surrealism?. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(10):162-166.
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