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Vol. 3, Issue 10, Part C (2017)

Design and development of solar tracker energy system

Design and development of solar tracker energy system

Ashish Kumar Sankhwar and Atul Sarojwal
Due to their various advantages, renewable energy sources are becoming a top priority in the modern world. Our ever-increasing energy needs are being met by a non-polluting, limitless source of power: solar power. To compensate for the diurnal and seasonal variations in sunshine, the solar panels, which are the main solar-energy conversion components, are set at a specific angle.
Sunlight exposure is limited, as is the efficiency level of a solar tracking system that uses panels. As part of our efforts to improve the efficiency of the solar panels, we have built a solar tracking system utilising a microcontroller, stepper motor, and light dependent resistors (LDRs).When sunlight is detected by LDRs and stepper motors are activated to move the solar panel so that it receives maximum sun, this tracker's micro-controller is at work. Due to the minimal number of solar panels and appropriate direction towards the sun, this system is able to provide optimum illumination and decrease the cost of power generation. This is a college project in which I developed an application.
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Ashish Kumar Sankhwar, Atul Sarojwal. Design and development of solar tracker energy system. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(10):209-211.
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