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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 11, Part B (2017)

Brain word-bank and language: The frequency of hedges as word choice among users of the English language in a Nigerian community setting

Okata Gift N and Owolabi Joshua O
Language as a major tool for communication is the core identifying mark that distinguishes man from the lower animals. This is because language is deposited with intrinsic attributes specific to human brain. Communication is brain-based and memory plays a key role in appropriate retrieval of mental signals expressed as words; the interpretation of such as premised on previous knowledge and experience as well as the impressions carried by the expressions. The above fact also points to the fact that the choice of hedges in communication could vary between people on the basis of experience, culture and environmental factors. Most facts about communication in English as promised on the use of the language by native or traditional users of the language. The evolution that the language has undergone due to its adoption and adaptation by various people across the world warrants society-based findings. As such, this research hypothesised that the use of hedges varies among various groups of English Language users. Furthermore, these changes are largely attributable to culture, environment, biology and environmental factors. The research used a community for the study, and sample was drawn from the community with a defined culture and prevalent environmental factors. Data on the use of hedges was collected using structured questionnaire. Results were analysed to observe the frequency of the use of specific hedges within the community. The preference and choices of hedges aligned with the principle of politeness. Results show that the choice and use of hedges vary among users and this may be associated with culture society and environmental factors. Further investigation should compare societies and native and L1 users of the language.
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Okata Gift N, Owolabi Joshua O. Brain word-bank and language: The frequency of hedges as word choice among users of the English language in a Nigerian community setting. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(11):94-100.
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