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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 12, Part D (2017)

Study on animal and venomous and non-venomous bites/stings in Tayma, Saudi Arabia

Prabakaran Jayaraman
Background: Millions of bites happen every ever from different species which leads to different kinds of health sequences and sometimes leads to death. We have attempted to profile of venomous and non-venomous bites/stings in Tayma General Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arbaia. Methods: Retrospective descriptive study. The data of various animal bites details were collected from emergency Department for four years up to now. All animal bite, snake bite, scorpion sting and other venomous/non-venomous bites and unknown bite data were enumerated. Also date of incident, age, sex, resident status, type of incident, site of bite, treatment pattern, outcome of treatment were collected for the study. Results: Among total 351 bites, 270(76.9%) occurred in males, 81(23.1%) in females. Saudi nationals were 254(72.4%). The mean age of victims was 28.88 years (SD: 16.534). Scorpion sting alone encountered in 291(82.91%) individuals followed by Snake bite 23(6.55%), Dog bite 10 (2.85%), Cat bite10 (2.85%), Camel bite 4(1.14%) and unknown bite10(2.85%).Among animal bites, dog and cat bite shares 41.67% each and camel bite 16.66%.The overall incidence of bite in Tayma region was 3.30 /1000 population per year. Bites were predominant in summer and spring months. Bite commonly happens during night time (45.87%). Extremities were more commonly affected in the bite. Conclusion: Venomous and non- venomous bites were not uncommon in Tayma. Occupation based bite awareness, hygienic living environment, knowledge about first aid procedures; precautions during summer are helpful to minimize bite related injuries. There also seems to be a male predominance among bite victims.
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Prabakaran Jayaraman. Study on animal and venomous and non-venomous bites/stings in Tayma, Saudi Arabia. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(12):208-213.
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