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Vol. 3, Issue 12, Part I (2017)

A study on ecofriendly marketing: Causes for the existence of eco marketing

A study on ecofriendly marketing: Causes for the existence of eco marketing

Dr. JV Jayanthi Kumari
Eco friendly marketing is one of them, which attempts to harmonize environmental and individual interests. Those who want to save up with development and with social prospects, too need to get to know Eco friendly marketing and its opportunities in the 21st century deeper. Eco friendly marketing is booming and there are lots of high outline companies and little people determined to make a change with their green-driven promise to save the earth.
Eco friendly marketing is creation its mark. It includes the marketing of environmentally safe products, comprises a host of activities that has prejudiced product alteration and promotion. Truth to tell, there is no exact definition for green marketing, ecological marketing or atmosphere marketing. Eco friendly marketing has impressed people’ views on environmental worries yet there is much work to do earlier the entire world goes green and Eco friendly.
This paper present What You Should Do?
If you are into Eco friendly Marketing, you are unmoving certain by the code of morals of responsible selling and publicity. You should be a green-rounded businessperson, significance you know your products and how these can be used in homes and industrial or business sites. It is not essential to be a green guru to move possible customers. In this business, honesty is still the best policy - as people are still taking in the enormity of the change happening now, changes leading to their participation trendy green living.
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Dr. JV Jayanthi Kumari. A study on ecofriendly marketing: Causes for the existence of eco marketing. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(12):604-607.
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