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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part F (2017)

A comparative study of motivation, mental toughness and self-efficacy between Kuvempu and Tumkur Universities physical education graduate students

Basanangouda Laxmeshwar
Sport is an ever expanding avenue of human life. From earliest time to the modern age sport in its various forms has played a vital role in the life of mankind. Sport activities provide a means of emancipation from daily routine and pressures. In modern competitive world every sportsmen is in race of excel better than others. ‘Motivation is the answer to the question “why we do, what we do? The motivation theories try to figure out what the “m” is in the equation: “m-motivates P” (motivator motivates the person) it is one of the most important duty of an entrepreneur to motivate people (I strongly believe that motivating people with visionary and shared goals is more favourable than motivating through tactics, incentives and manipulation through simple carrot and stick approaches because motivating with vision is natural whereas the former is artificial and ephemeral).’ ‘Mental toughness is the primary reason I play racquetball I know it is a great sport. The purpose of the study was to compare the motivation levels, mental toughness and collective self-efficacy between two physical education college students from Kuvempu and Tumkur Universities. The standard questionnaire of motivation mental toughness and self efficacy was used for the collection of the data. The data thus collected was statistically treated by t-test to know the significant differences between means. The results clearly depicts that there is no differences in mental toughness variable of UCPE and SCPE college students. There was a significant difference in achievement motivation levels of both the groups of study. Overall collective self-efficacy variable showed no significant difference between UCPE and SCPE college students, whereas, anger and confusion sub variables did differ significantly with that of UCPE and SCPE students and UCPE students had better control over their anger and they were less confused when compared to SCPE students. The present study examined the motivational characteristics of students involved in physical education at the upper elementary school level. We clearly identifies representative of a highly intrinsically motivated group and a low intrinsically and extrinsically motivated group, significant differences were found between these two profiles in enjoyment. It is recommended that similar study may be conducted to deferent age groups. Same study may be conducted on larger sample. The same study may be conducted on the students who were not considered in this study. Similar study may be conducted deferent levels.
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Basanangouda Laxmeshwar. A comparative study of motivation, mental toughness and self-efficacy between Kuvempu and Tumkur Universities physical education graduate students. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(2):359-363.
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